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  • Nicola Luongo

    Nicola Luongo

    Passionate about making programming accessible, productive and fun

  • Boyd Multerer

    Boyd Multerer

    Engineering leader. Seriously into Elixir, Erlang, Phoenix and devices. Prior time at MSFT: Founded Xbox Live & XNA. Ran OS engineering for Xbox One.

  • Edwin Brady

    Edwin Brady

    CompSci Lecturer. Functional programmer. Idris implementer. Go player. Cricket watcher. Whitespace perpetrator. Writing a thing: http://tinyurl.com/typedd

  • BJ Neilsen

    BJ Neilsen

    Family, code, climbing, soccer, music. Eternal student. Be Excellent to each other. IG: localshred & http://localshred.art, Snapchat: localshred

  • Alex Miller

    Alex Miller

    Tending Clojure @ Cognitect. Creator of Strange Loop, Lambda Jam, Clojure/West. Eater of nachos.

  • Joe Armstrong

    Joe Armstrong

    Writes programs and books. Invents things. Gives talks. Fixes broken software. Hobbies: Stroking cats, playing piano, grumbling, reading, thinking.

  • Chris McCord

    Chris McCord

    Developer, @littlelines

  • Heinz N. Gies

    Heinz N. Gies

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